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August  2020​

Author: Lee Beadle

Testimonial: So we arrived not really knowing what to expect as we booked last minute. Sometimes you find the best places without really looking. Fantastic accommodation in a stunning place! We only stayed the one night but will definitely return for a long weekend. Can’t really recommend this place highly enough it’s exactly as described and your hosts are just lovely!

Andy and Jo- August 2020

Thank you. A wonderful stay. clean, well equipped, stunning location, could not have asked for more! 

September 2020

Gabby Law

What a beautiful location. We wanted something self-contained with local walks and preferably a garden. We were not disappointed. The barn was spotless, fully equipped with everything we wanted. We opted for the continental breakfast...quite a feast and even had enough for lunch! We were lucky enough to have sunshine, so could relax in the garden. The grounds are so well kept. Karen kindly let us have some some of the produce from the vegetable garden, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber for tea. I was a bit anxious about the Covid precautions, so it was reassuring to see everything was in place. I opted for pillow purchase that were ready in packaging on arrival with folded cases ready for me to on, but my friend used their regular pillows- They were clean, using protectors, fresh white linen.  It is certainly a hidden gem. Karen mentioned that they have only just started the business- I wish them every success. Thank you and see you soon! 

Sarah Jayne September 2020

Thank you a lovely time at Loxley Farm. 

                  October 2020

Thank you! a perfect stay!


This was my beautiful bedroom 

Jonie and Reg 


I My surprise Birthday card- thank you! Made me laugh! The Birthday banner was really thoughtful too. 


A big parking area just for my car and a lovely garden. I like that there is a little private garden to use or the huge garden to sit and relax and chat with Karen and Geoff who kindly shared a bottle of wine with us.  We felt at home as soon as we arrived. 


A little chest of drawers with games and puzzles and information about places to stay. So thoughtful. 


Table and chairs with fresh flowers, a card , a cake, and tea in cups and saucers! Just so traditionally English, quaint and lovely! 


Absolutely spotless! Everything I could have needed, right down to ice in the freezer and an ice-bucket, beautiful glasses, fresh coffee. Everything is high quality and just perfect. Thank you! 

I am sorry- I am not sure if this has worked putting my photos in. Thanks again. Jonie 

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